360 degree virtual reality (VR) experiences are no longer just for big budget productions. With the introduction of cheap Google Cardboard VR headsets in 2015, and with mainstream VR headset hardware prices constantly falling, high-quality 360 VR technology has never been so affordable.

I have partnered with industry-leading 360 virtual reality companies based in UK, Germany, Poland and Chile. Together we can produce high-quality, web based VR experiences, 360 degree interactive YouTube VR videos and even Unity based VR apps for your business. 360 VR experiences are perfect for a wide customer base, including architecture, tourism, real estate, art galleries & museums, interior design and even the superyacht industry.

My team and I are able to shoot 8k resolution 3D (three dimensional stereoscopic) 360 degree VR video with 3D ambisonic surround sound, and 24k resolution 360 degree VR stills imagery. If that isn’t enough, we can even work with the latest Insta360 Titan, which shoots 11k 10 bit 360 degree 3D video and will meet the standards of even the most demanding VR production.

Whatever your project, my team and I can supply the highest quality 360 degree virtual reality experience for your brand … and without those big agency prices.

360 degree stereographic (3D) virtual reality camera & ambisonic (3D) sound microphone.