I first started shooting video back in 2008, when Canon first released their ground breaking 5D Mark II. This camera changed the photographic industry, as it produced the wonderful filmic look, but without the expense of shooting and scanning traditional 35mm movie film.

As well as shooting high quality digital video, I’m also able to act as a director of photography, art director, producer and film editor. Alternatively, and if required, we can work with my team of professional colleagues from freelance stylists, producers, directors, make up artists and model agencies., Together we can create high quality videos for your next promotion or campaign. Working closely with my team and I, helps you to reduce your costs and stay within your all important budget guidelines.

As well as traditional video for architecture, fashion, real estate and tourism, I’m also able to shoot 8k 3d 360 degree video for virtual reality experiences. These are not only able to be viewed with VR headsets, but they are also great for distribution via Youtube app, Facebook and many other online channels. To learn more about this, please visit the 360 Virtual Reality (VR) pages on this website.